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The Fallen sculpture series is designed to recreate seemingly impossible formations, as unique as the fallen trees they are made from. Essentially taking man made waste and reclaimed wood and turning them back into entirely new forms. The forms reflect our ability to adapt and change our own nature. To start over and rebuild your life into something new and beautiful after it crashes down.


I use what I call the “wooden waterfall” technique, to bend, transform and intersect the wood. The result is a seamless flow of the woods grain, from one surface to another. This makes the tenacious material appear seemingly pliable. It’s the idea that you can reshape your world no matter how hard it seems. While the surfaces are planed and sanded silky smooth, the edges are left natural and rough. I want viewers to be very aware that they are looking at the inside of a tree, rather than the polished lumber we are so custom to seeing. In the “Reclaimed tree” series I take reclaimed dimensional lumber, often pulled from the Hudson river and sculpt them back into organic tree-configurations. The roots and branches expose the clean interior of the once tree, but I leave the aged patina of the wood that shows nail holes and bolts and signs of its former life. 


The materials I use are exclusively from reclaimed wood and fallen tree slices. The wood comes from all over the nation. Downed tress that have fallen naturally or have been bulldozed to make room for industrial growth. And from arborists, tree-friendly mills and from the NYC Hudson river. The trees are milled and kiln dried, then planed flat before sanding, joining and hand finishing at my studio in Industry City, Brooklyn.

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